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Total Technology Engineering Sdn Bhd (720517-W)


Total Technology Engineering Sdn.Bhd (TTESB) , is a Malaysian company formed in year 2006.

TTESB as “Master of System Integrator and Engineering Services Company” covers ranges of high technology industries including Broadcasting, Telecommunications, Information Technology, Multimedia,

Electrical and other related high-tech industries is a combination of experiences and expertise between the Malaysian and International.

TTESB is growing fast in every aspect in order to meet the demand of the fast growing Industry. We are supported by a strong management team comprising people with relevant technical experience.

For the current performance in 2012 TTESB was assign as a authorized partner and support for XIRRUS High Performance Wireless Access Point for Asia Pacific and Japan.

General information

Business Operations

As a Electrical, Telecommunication, ICT & Multimedia Master System Integrator covers ranges of industries including but not limited to the public and private Network, Intelligent Traffic System, TTE is committed to the quality of services given.

To us, that means:

• finding ways to incorporate existing technologies with newly-emerging technologies,

• doing the research necessary to secure the best technologies available in the market,

• giving our clients sound, dependable and cost efficient solutions for their ongoing business and communication needs so that they can keep pace with a rapidly changing environment,

• Structuring systems to be easily expandable for meeting tomorrow’s needs.

Main Products


Diameter (inches) : 7"

Modular AP slots : 2 (Embedded)

Max wifi Bandwith : 600 Mbps

Intergrated Antennas : Up to 4

Max Wi-fi Backhaul Link : 300 Mbps

Integrated Switch ports : None

GigE Uplink Ports : 1

Max Associated Users : 80


Diameter (inches) : 7"

Modular AP slots : 2

Max wifi Bandwith : 900 Mbps

Intergrated Antennas : Up to 6

Max Wi-fi Backhaul Link : 450 Mbps

Integrated Switch ports : 2

GigE Uplink Ports : 1

Max Associated Users : 160


Diameter (inches) :10"

Modular AP slots : 4

Max wifi Bandwith : 1.8 Gbps

Intergrated Antennas : Up to 12

Max Wi-fi Backhaul Link : 1.35Gbps

Integrated Switch ports : 4

GigE Uplink Ports : 1

Max Associated Users : 320

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Location Address
Total Technology Engineering Sdn Bhd 45-1,Jalan Wangsa Setia 3, Wangsa Melawati 53300 Kuala Lumpur



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